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Dominic is not accepting commissions for the remainder of 2023.

Portrait Artist in Portland, Maine

Dominic White is a fine artist in Portland, Maine offering portrait paintings, drawings and other fine art commissions throughout New England.

He specializes in portraits that depict the subject(s) engaged in activities or interacting with their surroundings. The portraits are created to resemble works of fine art which feature the subject rather than traditional portraits with the subject staring out at the viewer.

Portrait Paintings and Drawings

Three mediums to choose from to fit different tastes and budgets:

Portrait Drawings

Black and white portrait drawing of a couple dancing

Pastel Portraits

Pastel portrait of a young teen playing guitar

Portrait Paintings

Portrait painting of young girl reading

Pet Portraits

Because most pet portraits are given as gifts, Dominic scours the the gift recipients’ social media looking for photos that will both reflect the pets’ personalities and make the most visually interesting artwork.

Often times the artwork will be created from multiple photos, making it possible to have multiple pets in a single painting.

Pet portrait of a dog with his ball in the snow by Dominic A White

Portrait painting of young girl reading

House Portraits and other Commissions

Representational fine art has the power to evoke deep emotional and intellectual responses, especially when the artwork’s subject is something meaningful to the viewer. A new house, a childhood home, a favorite building or landmark from a favorite vacation, are all possible subjects for house portraits or other commissions.

The Process

  1. Initial contact via email
  2. Planning the Portrait
  3. Approval of Composition
  4. Final Portrait Approval
  5. Delivery / Shipping